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How to make copper infused fiber

by Bal Heo 26 Jun 2023 0 Comments

How to make copper-infused fibers that are super strong at killing fungus and keeping it permanently?

The use of copper-infused fiber is currently a popular trend, and the industry is experiencing a boom in its application in medical, hotel, and sports contexts. This includes the use of copper-infused fiber in socks.

At Copperfinger Socks, our goal is to provide socks that manage fungus by maximizing their antimicrobial properties. We achieve this by increasing the copper content. However, we faced another obstacle: how to maintain these properties after washing the socks.

We like copper socks because they kill bacteria, but we don't want them to wash away after doing laundry. Socks are not supposed to be a soap.

Developing socks that kill fungus permanently requires new textiles infused with real copper, rather than just coating them with copper.

Luckily, we were able to partner with Voltlon, the leading copper-infused textile manufacturer in Korea.

I am about to reveal their secret recipes of copper infusing technology.


How to make copper-infused fiber that does not washed out after washing.

It is called electrospinning

To create copper-infused fiber that maintains its antimicrobial properties throughout its lifetime, we must utilize the electrospinning process.

for this process, we will need three main components:

  1. Copper salts: These are powders or compounds that contain copper ions. They will provide the source of copper for incorporating into the final product.
  2. Solvent: A suitable solvent is required to dissolve the copper salts and create a homogeneous solution. The solvent helps in dispersing the copper ions throughout the solution.
  3. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA): PVA is a polymer that will serve as the base material for the formation of the fibers. It will be dissolved in the solvent along with the copper salts to create the solution for further processing.

By combining the copper salts, solvent, and PVA in the appropriate proportions and mixing them thoroughly, you can create a solution that is ready for electrospinning to produce the desired copper-infused fibers.

There is a small similarity between this and Coca Cola, as both started as a solid that turned into a liquid while retaining their properties.

Once we have the copper salt dissolved in the solvent, we're ready for the next step. We are going to turn on the machine of electrospinning.


The magic of turning liquid copper into copper fiber.

Once we turn on the machine we put the special needle called a spinneret. We connect the spinneret to a container that holds the copper liquid using a tube or syringe.

When power is supplied, liquid copper flows through the tube and into the spinneret.

Now, the exciting part begins! We apply a strong electric voltage to the spinneret, creating an electric field around it. It's like a special force around the needle.

Because of this electric field, the copper liquid forms a pointy shape at the tip of the spinneret, called a Taylor cone.

As the electric field gets stronger, the copper liquid shoots out of the Taylor cone as a thin stream.

While the stream of copper liquid moves away from the spinneret, it dries up very quickly. This happens because of the electric field and the air around it, which make the liquid evaporate fast.

As the liquid dries, the copper particles come together and form solid copper fibers.

Solid copper fibers are collected on a plate, where they adhere and can be gathered in bunches or arranged in various patterns. If this process sounds complicated, consider cooking spaghetti in the microwave, as both use an electromagnetic field.


We now have copper fiber, which is 100% copper. Although it is not shiny due to its fibrous nature, it still retains its antimicrobial properties.


We have revealed our top secret to the public so that everyone can benefit from copper-infused fiber for a lifetime. When shopping for copper-infused socks, please ensure that they are electrospun. We are currently putting our socks on Kickstarter. Please support us so that we can provide these socks to hardworking people and make their feet fresh again.

Copperfinger socks is coming on Kickstarter soon. 


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